2022 Golden Trowel® Winners


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Two world records were set!

The Face® Companies’ 2022 Golden Trowel® Awards were presented on January 18, 2023 at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.


The Golden Trowel has been presented for 34 years to contractors who produce the world’s flattest and  most level floors.  They are awarded in several different categories, based on how the floor was initially  struck off, how wide the floor castings are, how much shake-on hardener or steel fibers were used, and other factors that influence flatness and levelness.  Golden Trowel Gold Plates are awarded to the winner in each category, while Golden Trowel Silver Plates recognize truly outstanding entries that achieved exceptional results but did not dominate the category.


The thought behind the genesis of the Golden Trowel was that competition might drive up quality.  That thought has been proven conclusively to be true, year after year.  The best floor in the world back in 1990 wouldn’t even be considered for a Golden Trowel today.  And North America no longer totally dominates the awards.  North American companies were shut out of the world records in 2019, won only one of two new world records in 2020, and were shut out again in 2021.


Why are floors so much better now?  People continue to learn how to use existing concrete placing and finishing tools to better advantage and are passing on that knowledge and skill to new generations of concrete finishers.  Concrete floor consultants are learning what works and what doesn’t and are teaching the best practices.  And not to be ignored, batch plants are being held to high standards on the concrete that they deliver to the field.  The tools available are better than they were, even just a few years ago.


The Somero Laser Screed revolutionized the way concrete could be struck off.  As laser screeds got better and better, and as people learned  the best ways to use them, the flatness and levelness of floors improved significantly, even as daily output was dramatically increased.  All these factors have made a big difference in the flatness and levelness of floors.  But so has striving for excellence and for the recognition that comes from being the best in the world – a winner of the Golden Trowel.

Over the first 25 years of the Golden Trowel® contest, we had winning entries from North and South America, Australia, and Europe, but not one from Asia.  Because we noted that floors in Asia were generally neither as flat nor as level as floors in the West, and because floors in the West were constantly improving, it appeared to us that Asia might never catch up to the rest of the world without some incentive.  For this reason, the Face Company inaugurated the Golden Trowel Asia contest in 2015.  The Golden Trowel Asia is a special award available only to contractors in Asia.  There have been a total of 25 Golden Trowel Asia Awards won by 14 different contractors from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia.  The quality of floors has been improving rapidly in Asia, so much so that we have now had 7 “Worldwide” Golden Trowels won by contractors from Asia!

Chengdu Keyixin Technology Co., Ltd.

Laser Screed 16 m Wide Bay    FF 87.2 / FL 117.9
9216 m2    7 Kg /m2 Dry Shake    45 Kg/m2 Steel Fibers
Guizhou Yonghui Logistics   Guiyang, Guizhou Province, P.R.C.

George J. Shaw Construction

SOMD Hand Screed/Magic Screed    FF 68.1
156,000 ft2   Sarpy Data Center (SNB)   Springfield, NE

Chengdu Keyixin Technology Co., Ltd.

Wet Screed/Hand Screed    FF 78.4 / FL 92.3
11 m Wide Bay    1501 m2    7 Kg /m2 Dry Shake
HK Land Dream District A   Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R.C.

George j. Shaw Construction

SOMD Hand Screed    FF 84.2    7,800 ft2

Garmin B5 Mezzanine Expansion   Olathe, KS

2022 Silver Trowels:

Silver Trowels are a sort of “Distinguished Honorable Mention” category.  Silver Trowels are not awarded in every category, but as you will see below, sometimes a floor that would have won a Golden Trowel is overshadowed by an even more spectacular floor the same year.  This kind of a floor deserves recognition and is awarded a Silver Trowel.

Laser Screed 23 m Wide Bay    FF 70.6 / FL 126.3
9660 m2    5 Kg /m2 Dry Shake    15 Kg/m2 Steel Fibers
GLP Park Xianyang EDZ   Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, P.R.C.

Beaver Concrete

George J. Shaw Construction

Laser Screed    FF 91.6 / FL 98.4   150,000 ft2
Doherty Shop Expansion   Paola, KS

Wet Screed/Hand Screed    FF 99.50 / FL 58.40
4633 m2    4 Kg /m2 Dry Shake

Assai Atacadista Loja João Dias    Sao Pãulo, Brasil

Ciclo Engenharia

Wet Screed/Hand Screed    FF 102.4 / FL 48.9
5494 m2    4 Kg /m2 Dry Shake
Assai Atacadista Loja Pereira Barreto   Santo André, SP, Brasil



These are awards are only available to contractors in Asia.

Copperhead    19,668 m2   18 m Wide Bay    FF 95.8 / FL 63.3
WHA Mega Logistics Center Thepharak Building-H   Samut Prakarn, Thailand

BSY Construction

Laser Screed Terrazzo    FF 69.0 / FL 88.5
17 m Wide Bay    3442 m2    36 Kg/m2 Terrazzo
Sanxiang Yipin     Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C.

Chengdu Keyixin Technology Co

Copperhead    18 m Wide Bay    FF 71.2 / FL 89.1
4946 m2    6 Kg /m2 Dry Shake
Mixue Asian HQ     Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R.C.

Chengdu Keyixin Technology Co